Affordable Housing Services Information
  Affordable Housing Services (AHS) Information provides compliance administrator services for affordable housing projects.  We monitor all types of projects including those financed with Mortgage Revenue Bonds, Federal HOME money, tax credits and local redevelopment set-aside funds.  AHS provides your jurisdiction with a thorough review of household eligibility and comprehensive project compliance reports. We also offer contract administration services to provide the jurisdiction with oversight of the financial agreements between the City and the project developer.  

AHS will provide comprehensive project compliance reports to you to best meet your reporting requirements.  Our computer reporting and tracking system is designed specifically for housing program administration so standard reports are always available within one business day (usually 1 hour or less by fax or email) upon request. Special reports are also available on request.  If we monitor multiple projects in your jurisdiction AHS can offer you summary occupancy reports for all the projects.  These reports are especially useful for completing annual affordable housing reports.

We welcome the opportunity to provide you with a proposal for compliance administration of your existing or proposed projects.  Our prices, in many cases, are much less than our competitors and AHS offers superior service.  Please email for more information.






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Affordable Housing Services Information
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